Technologies Selected For RUPitUP

  Platform: Microsoft .NET    
  Development Environment: .NET SDK / Microsoft Visual Studio.NET    
` Data Access: Business Objects (CSLA) [Training Materials | POC] to be developed by Jan End. [H]  
  Additional Frameworks: UIP Block [Training Materials | POC] to be developed by Jan End. [H]  

SQL Server with Full Text Search [Training Materials | POC] for Full Text Search to be developed by Feb End / MSDE.

  .Distributed Applications .NET Remoting. [H]  
  Code Generation Tools: Code Smith [M / UE]  
  Build Tools: Cruise Control For .NET [M / UE]  
  [L] - Low Priority - Product doesn't need to have detailed training material.    
  [M] - Medium Priority - Product might be used and might require detailed training material    
  [H] - High - Product has been identified for use - Needs to be learnt and training material needs to be released as soon as possible    
  [UE] - Under Evaluation - Product is under evaluation. May be used depending upon finding from evaluation.